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Welcome to the official website of the Finnish Fly Fishing Fair! On this site you can find some general information about the by far the biggest fly fishing event in Finland. News will be updated regularly. Follow the latest updates on our Facebook @perhomessut and Instagram @perhomessut accounts.

The Finnish Fly Fishing Fair is held in Lempäälä, in the Ideapark’s Bläk Boks event & sport arena, address Ideaparkinkatu 4. If you are interested in fly fishing, want to be the first to catch up with the latest development in gear, or in techniques both in casting and fly tying, and want to hear interesting presentations held by Finnish and international guests, the Finnish Fly Fishing Fair is the event to visit!

If you believe you have something to share with us and want to join the fair as an exhibitor, please feel free to contact us.

See you in Lempäälä!


The Finnish Fly Fishing Fair was held for the first time in 1987. The beginning was small and humble. Since then, our fair has grown to a two-day event covering just about everything connected with fly fishing, including gear, fly tying, casting, protecting fish arts and restoring water systems.

We are proud to have hosted names like Göran Anderson, Oliver Edwards, Mikael Frödin, Chris Helm, Charles Jardine, Hans van Klinken and Marc Petitjean among others. Of course, over the years, almost every grand name in the Finnish fly fishing history has given a presentation at the fair.

The Finnish Fly Fishing Fair is organized by Pirkanmaan Perhokalastajat Fly Fishing Club, a non-profit organization whose volunteers work hard year after year in order to keep a great tradition going.