Sitoja: Miroslaw Senderski

My name is Mirosław Senderski. I am from Poland but currently living in Finland. When I was a boy I always dreamed about fly fishing but that dream became true a few years ago in Finland. First, I got a fly fishing rod and so began my adventure.  I really got into fly fishing and I started tying flies. Also I read lots of books, magazines and especially old articles about classic patterns to learn tradition of tying. My favorite style is Catskill dry fly style and my special talent is double-slip wing technique. I am dreaming about big fly fishing fair where I could show my skills, flies and drawings.

I studied Art in Poland and Furniture Design in Finland.  At the moment I am freelancer and make drawings in different styles and different techniques: watercolor pencils, ink, markers and digital art. I have made couple of graphic designs too for companies such as Live 4 fly fishing, Taimen fly fishing shop and KVVY Tampere. My fishing adventure started maybe seven or eight years ago in Finland. I remember day when I caught my first trout and that moment inspired me to draw fishes. Always I fish on a dry fly and on a nymph in the stream Vilppulankoski in Finland. It’s not a big stream but every year I discover new places where trout are.